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Recent News on The 7th Grade Poetry Foundation 

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St. Louis Post-Dispatch | April 20, 2015

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St. Louis Post-Dispatch | April 19, 2015

Poetry Winners Recite For Fans
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | April 19, 2015


The 7th Grade Poetry Foundation transforms young lives
and their classrooms through writing.

7GP provides free school-based poetry contests to every 7th grade student in all types of schools in every community. We unite families, educators and communities through 7th grade poetry. 

The 7GP motto is "Anyone can write a great poem and everyone deserves that chance." 

Let the 7GP Writing Revolution Begin


Educators help students know that there are sparks all around that could inspire their written expression of feelings, thoughts and emotions. In The 7GP Contest, students have the freedom to write a poem about anything. This becomes a contagious spark that can ignite their pens. Once registered, educators receive everything they need to start their poetry unit and begin the contest.


Each school runs its own 7GP Contest and educates their students about the many options that poetry offers for creative self-expression. Students may write poems using any poetic form, device or element and in any length. 7GP helps students have fun writing poems and encourages sharing them. We help students develop a positive lifelong relationship with their own writing.


As more poems are written and shared, the excitement builds in classrooms and households, "Who will become the winner of each school's 7GP Contest?"


The 7GP initiative unites classrooms, school districts and communities. Through 7GP's annual anthology, Poetry on Our Terms, and its online presence, students feel a sense of community through reading each other's poems. 7GP celebrates the achievements of young people of all backgrounds and abilities united through writing.