Hero from the Smoke

St. Stephen Protomartyr School
St. Louis County, Missouri

My father. He was a great man.
He cared for his family more than anyone could understand.
Dad was always laughing and making jokes,
But there were no jokes the day we saw the smoke.

I woke up one night feeling warm.
I heard the sound of a deafening alarm.
What could it possibly be?
It was the fire that could've killed me.

My dad rushed in and lugged me out of bed.
I was still in shock, no thoughts in my head.
Next thing I knew I was outside,
My mom with her protective arm by my side.

I noticed my dad wasn’t around,
He went back to where my sister was found.
She stumbled out looking so dismayed.
That’s when my heart and soul became afraid.

My dad was nowhere to be seen,
The smoke and fire created a screen.
My dad had sacrificed his life.
He took a risk for his kids and his wife.

I wish that fire had never ever started.
Because of it, my dad has departed.
I got this feeling in my heart and my brain.
This unpleasant feeling was, of course, pain.

My dad was the bravest man of all.
His intensity yet kindness are easy to recall.
The image of my dad will always be clear.
He’s not here physically, but I feel him near.

When I am happy or when I am sad,
Just thinking of his smile makes me glad.
Today I am filled with such great pride,
Knowing my dad will always be at my side.