Sheyna E. Gifford, NASA HI-SEAS Mission IV Chief Medical and Safety Officer, Reads 2013 7GP Contest Poem "Do I Matter"
September 7, 2015

7th Graders Find Themselves, Make Sense of World Through Poetry 
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | April 20, 2015

7th Grade Poetry Foundation Contest Winner Recites
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Poetry Winners Recite For Fans
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Seventh-grade poets share their understanding of world
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Young STL poets get their say on love, loneliness, death and hope
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Poet Laureate Nominee Michael Castro Says Words Can Help Heal St. Louis
St. Louis Public Radio | December 10, 2014

Michael Castro Nominated as St. Louis' first Poet Laureate
STL Today | December 10, 2014

Who Will Speak For St. Louis As Its First Poet Laureate?
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St. Louis One Step Closer To Having Poet Laureate
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Ferguson Events Push St. Louis’ Efforts To Name Poet Laureate
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City Resolution Celebrates Aaron Williams and The 7GP Foundation
City of St. Louis Board of Aldermen Meeting | September 19, 2014

Poetry for 7th Graders
St. Louis American | April 24, 2014

STL Croquet Art May Be A Gateway For Seventh-Grade Poets Nationwide
St. Louis Public Radio | April 15, 2014

Poetic Warriors: STL Seventh Graders Changing The World With Words
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Upfront: The Seventh Grade Poetry Foundation
St. Louis Magazine | August 2013

7th Grade Poetry Winner
KPLR11 | June 13th, 2013

The 7th Grade Poetry Foundation
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Seventh-grade poets converge on St. Louis
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Poughkeepsie SDA Elementary Participating in Historic National Poetry Event
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El Mitote
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Ulster man dedicated to helping kids become poets
Record Online | March 7th, 2013

Man Inspires Children Through Poetry
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El Mitote
Santa Fe New Mexican | March 3rd, 2013

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