“Soaring through the Air”

St. Catherine Labouré School
St. Louis County, Missouri

I am a dove.
Wings flapping, body turning, I soar through the air
without any limits
so fragile and delicate
like a glass vase on the edge of a table getting ready to fall.

I am a dove
knowing my surroundings.
Crossing big planes and flying over buildings
I am dodging danger at all cost
being careful in the air.

I am a dove
small but beautiful
white all over with a smooth orange beak.
My feathers are so very soft like a cloud.
Wings, strong and wide, help me glide through the air.

I am a dove
building my nest piece by piece
collecting twigs and string.
Making life better, week by week and day by day,
siblings loving, parents cherishing, I protect my family.