Our Lady of Sorrows School

My heart dripped in sadness,
as my Paw-Paw passed.
We played chess competitively,
the most important part of life we shared.

He hugged me with kindness,
and kissed me with care.
Whatever my emotion,
My Paw-Paw was always there.

As he aged, his body began to twinge in tenderness.
Paw-Paw never gave in to sickness or pains.
No matter what, he always had a smile.
That beam of light lit up the whole room.

One day his body shut down.
Even when life left him, 
My Paw-Paw continued to smile.
My heart froze in despair.

Sun forever shines in this place,
Happiness surrounds those who are there.
Jesus called him and took him to a place,
a new home, glorious Heaven.

Paw-Paw was no longer with me.
My heart melted and cracked into thousands of pieces.
No one could comfort me.

But Paw-Paw still lives in my heart
And forever watches over me.

Although my heart dripped in sadness,
As my Paw-Paw passed,
Forever in my heart,
our love will always last.