"I Was Daddy’s Little Girl"

Gateway Science Academy of St. Louis

He would pick me up and
We would go to the airport
And watch the planes fly by
I used to love how he
Made all the scary things at
Night go away,
I used to love how he
Would drop what he was doing
And play dress-up with me
Him with a bucket on his
Head but I call it his crown and a
Sheet for his
Cloak, he is king
Me in my pretty pink dress
And tights, shoes, and a
Crown for me too
But that was only when
I was Daddy’s Little Girl
I can’t really figure things
Lots of questions fill my head like
Why did he leave me?
Did he really even love me?
And the last question is
Does he still love me?
Some nights when I got so
Scared I wished he was there
To make all the scary things
Go away
Now my Daddy is out of my
Life, I will never again
Be my real dad’s little girl.