"In a Dream"

Our Lady Queen of Peace School
Jefferson County, MO

I wonder if these are my only choices.
After all I’ve done, is this all I have left?
I guess I’m supposed to know what this means.
I don’t.

It might be the conversation that arose,
And the stars that erupted overhead.
Or that I just missed the bright sunny days.
The blinding light engraved pitch-black shadows on my eyes, lingering.
It destroyed the feelings of respect and love within my heart.

Instead of mourning my loss,
I went from pillar to post about my options.
The sounds keep fighting their way through my barriers.
Suddenly nothing suits my needs.

They are everywhere,
All these breathtaking sounds,
They ask me questions.
My only answer is no.
The loneliness shines through the holes in my stone walls.
It’s not okay, nothing is fine.

Maybe my suffering is right,
I’m not sure.
The sky is down,
While the ground is up.
The nothingness is killing me.
My pillow is drowned in tears.

The whispers surround my head.
I can’t find my way through the fog.
I have to go somewhere.
Left, right, which way
I have to