"Kidnapped By Sin, Rescued By Faith"

Salem Lutheran School – Affton
St. Louis County, MO

Trapped in the darkness, nowhere to go.
Demons surround me, each with a sneer.
I run and tremble with fear.
The demon Envy trails behind me,
Greed and Anger beside him.
I don’t know where to go or what to do. They come closer and closer.
I feel my legs start to give up. I look to God and start to pray,
hoping He won’t let me stay. I look ahead. Not faraway
is a ray of light.
Envy starts to grab my leg
but I stay strong in this fight.
I see God’s hand reaching out
and I grasp it, holding
on tight. Once I’m in the light
the demons have lost this fight.
Now I’m here with God, to serve,
to love, to strengthen my faith.