"Have You Seen the Man on the Moon"

St. Richard School
St. Louis County, MO

Have you heard the Sirens sing?
Have you seen the Fairies fly, their delicate glittery Wings?
Have you seen the trees dance, their branches whispering?
Have you ever seen the sun arising o’er the vast ocean blue?

Do you believe there’s more to Life than simply being here?
Do you believe that Dreams do come true?
Do you believe the Sun can see, shining down upon us?
Can you see the Angels fly guarding all of us?
Why do people close their eyes, refuse to sit and see?
Why do people believe, there’s no such thing as mystery.
Magic is child’s play, some say.
A petty little game.
Have they never wished upon a shooting star?
Have they never dreamed of something from afar?
Magic is more than spells, more than anything else.
Magic, it’s like hope, hope for something more.
Waiting for something to happen,
As you fly out your door.