"Christmas Eve"

Millstadt Consolidated School
St. Clair County, IL

Everyone is gathered around the tree,
With sparkling faces that are full of glee.
They stare up at the twinkling lights,
And admire all the joyful sights.
They gaze at the presents that they all adore,
Until they hear a knock on the door.
They spring to their feet,
To look and see
Who in the world it could be.
Has St. Nicholas come early?
No, it’s just Grandma and Grandpa with their presents stacked in a mound.
They widen their eyes as they look all around.
They place their gifts down by the tree,
As the children jump up merrily.
When all is quiet,
And things are settled down,
I tiptoe to the door, not making a sound.
I step outside to enjoy the sights,
Of the glistening, gleaming, glorious lights.
My eyes fall upon a blanket of snow,
And my feet crunch on the earth below.
The lamp on my street is warm and bright,
On this cold, wet, winter night.
I walk into the woods down by the stream,
While the moon gives off a bright white gleam.
And a gust of wind stings my cheek,
As I gaze at the stream which is icy and sleek.
I come back inside to my family,
Talking and singing joyously.
I sit by the fire to warm by the heat,
And I realize that these are the moments that can’t be beat.