St. Stephen Protomartyr School

Raining shiny copper pennies
Doink! Clanking on gutters and cars
Hurry! Pick them up
Duck and cover for safety

Raining cupcakes
Pink frosting, white sprinkles
Shower down
Kids dig in
Diets gone for the day

Raining forks and knives
Like spears into the ground
Quick! Find shelter
Sharp ends stick out from soft grass
Shattering windows

Raining toothbrushes
Brush. Rinse. Repeat.
Dentists leap for joy
Kids run in horror

Raining salt and pepper
Just a pinch
Food is flavored
Cover the eyes; throw over the shoulder
Or bad luck

Raining clocks
Tick Tock Tick Tock
Digital and traditional
No one is late for work
Except for those who catch one
On the head

Raining bombs
Houses and cars flying
Terror on faces
Screams of horror
Run for cover
Nowhere is safe

Raining candy canes
Sweet scent of peppermint
Like Christmas
Children collect many
Storm of red and white freshness

Raining rain
Smells of fresh earth
Flowing rivers rush
City streets overflow
Jump in puddles
Flowers and people look up to the sky
And drink in the