If You Are War, Then I Am Peace”

Lee Middle and High School
Berkshire County, Massachusetts

You ignore the pleas
of Man and of People
and of the Soldiers
and the Victims

And you Ignore
the Hope that peace
brings to you
gift-wrapped, in a
small basket

And that Hope,
that Peace will give to you
will save this Earth
from our own Destruction

By keeping true to your
Dishonorable Ways of War
you Doom us all

So hear our cheers
O Mighty Warrior
for the wars to end
and for Peace to start

So tell them all
before you start your ways
to be warned
because You are Death
You are War

Cheer with all
that hear or will hear
the Weeps and Screams
of Mighty Man
as he falls down the
blank void of War

Let the Bangs!
and the Pops!
of the Guns and Bombs and Battle
Stop and fade away.

And help clear the path
of destruction
we have made

For if you are war
then I am peace
and I call for a truce

And without me
none would see
another dim shade of light
filtered among the Trees