“A Chip Off the Old Block

Our Lady Catholic School
Jefferson County, Missouri

I am from the rock on which my family was built.
I am from home cooked meals my mother whips up,
and the pirates that used to attack us on the playground.
I am from the rocks that I used to skip on the lake
and stories my father shared about the Lebanese wars.
I am from the “Turn it up” and “Turn it down,”
and the “Nothing is impossible” and the“Never give ups.”
I am from my sisters that look up to me,
but sometimes I should really look up to them.
I am from the “One who died for our sins so that we may live!”
I am from the war my father lived through,
and the 80s songs my mother blasts in the car.
I am from dusty photographs on my dresser,
the ones that seemed like yesterday,
and the ones that seemed like a million years ago.
I am from all of these things…
“A chip off the old block.”