"Something for Me"

Long Middle School
St. Louis County, MO

I am the voice of the future; the next in charge.
So this world is for us to protect from harm.
It’s about love and peace and respecting each other;
You shouldn’t judge one another just because of their color
We’re all a little different, something unique.
But what we are is what makes the world complete.
Whether you put a girl or boy down is weak.

We need to show each other support
Instead of all that fighting. It just isn’t the answer;
We need to talk and get past all the hate so we can see it resolved.
Adults please understand that we learn from you
Everything in this world that a person should do.

Peace works for everybody; meaning me and you.
We truly could make Dr. King’s Dream come true.
Take time, spread love, and believe in yourself
And all together we can learn to put love to use.