"Grandma's Hands"

Central Middle School
St. Louis County, MO

Loving, warm and caring
are Grandma’s hands
with a touch of softness and gentleness across my face,
remembering as if it were yesterday. 

Grandma’s hands are always busy on a Sunday morning
as she claps loudly and joyfully
listening to the choir singing
for the love of God is in her heart.
And by Sunday evening
Grandma’s hands are happily
making Sunday dinner. 

Grandma’s hands are the hands
that have never let go
in the midst of badness or wrongdoing.
Grandma’s hands are the hands

that shine a light when I feel afraid or alone,
always there to love and carry me on,
loving without a doubt,
being more precious than silver or gold,
these are the hands of Grandma’s hands that I’ll never let go.