"In the Eye of the Beholder"

Academy of Environmental Science and Mathematics
St. Louis City, MO

Sometimes I wish I was like birds,
so that I could fly high in the sky

Or sometimes I wish I was the wind,
so I could toss the leaves to and fro

Other times I wish I was Caucasian,
and had blue eyes with long hair

Or Japanese and spoke Chinese,
and learned Kung–Fu

Or a supermodel,
and had flawless skin, and was perfect

Sometimes I even wish I was the ocean,
so that I shimmered in the light

Or maybe the sun and the moon,
so that I can light up the day, and control the night

But then I think to myself
I am someone, and I deserve to feel special

I may not have “perfect” skin
or long hair or blue eyes

But I am special in my own ways
Yes, I do have flaws, but doesn’t everyone?

Long as I’m me: smart, talented, stylish and lovable,
I’m myself, me