"Beautiful Hurts"

O'Kreek Elementary School
Todd County, SD

You are ugly, you are stupid!
Your mom made a mistake having you!

I ran to the bathroom and cried,
I didn’t want to show my face again.
The next day my mom and dad made me go to school,
I begged them not to take me back.

When I walked in the door,
She was waiting by my locker to call me more names.
I tried not to listen.

He walked up to her and told her to stop.
He thought because he was her boyfriend she would stop.
She didn’t.

I put my stuff in my locker and headed to class as fast as I could.
He apologized for her hurtful words.
Why didn’t she?  

The next day, I assumed I would be on the same crazy merry-go-round.
I saw her by my locker,
I took a deep breath and braced myself.

As soon as I got to my locker, she said
You’re a freak, you’re a spaz, you are dumb!
I was trying to hold the tears in, why me?
He saw and heard every word, every sneer yet
He looked at me differently on this day.
He asked me if I wanted to go out??!!!

I had no more tears to hold in,
I wanted to scream so loud!
Was this a joke?  Had she finally convinced him to join in on her bashing party?
I was scared to hear the truth but I boldly asked,
What about Amy?
His response was simple, we broke up.
I stopped dead in my tracks, I said YES!!
Finally, the agony was ending, he saw me for me!

The next day was not like the past 142 days.
I got to the door, my boyfriend Josiah said he had to tell me something.
I leaned in close and he said
You are beautiful and don’t let anyone tell you different,
You are not a freak or a spaz or even dumb, ugly or stupid, and not worthless!
You will always be beautiful!