"True Friends"

Lyon @ Blow Academy
St. Louis City, MO

Just like treasure true friends are hard to find
but like shoes easy to lose.

Friends lend a helping hand
and just like screws
build you up.
True friends never question and value your friendship
and are there for you through good and bad.
Sometimes friends can be critical but know that it will help you.

They know what helps you
and what doesn’t help  you.

Friends stick up for you and sometimes tease you
but know that it is the best thing for you.

Friends are there for you whenever
and can find solutions to most of your problems.

They believe in you when no one else does
and cheer you on no matter what.

Sometimes you’ll fight
but true friends always forgive and forget.

True friends build you up like blocks
and knock you down like a building.

Friends are always there for you
and help you with your problems,
and most important of all they will be by your side your whole life.