"Calming Words"

St. James the Greater School
St. Louis City, MO

Talking over breakfast with eggs and hot tea
Playing games—Life, Kings on the Corner
Offering Kleenex for my bloodied nose
Adjusting my aggravating tassel at kindergarten graduation
Calming Words

Wanting to exercise too much
Ending up in the ER with a broken arm
Bearing the threatening diagnosis
Changing priorities; preparing for your body`s rebellious fight
Calming words

Traveling to distant places
Planning one-on-one outings
Giving up your fulfilling career
Living the motto YOLO to the fullest; no regrets—going for it
Calming Words

Regret now the rules I`d broken
Miss our conversations each day
Overjoyed I look more like you
Reside in my heart for the rest of my life—my Guardian
Angel Calming Words