"Battle in the Snow"

St. Louis Priory School
St. Louis County, MO

I stepped out into the cold winter air.
The wind was howling,
The trees were shaking,
I felt the snow crunch under my feet.
I whipped my head around.
There a ruthless young man stood.
There a cold heart looked at mine.
I saw a glare in his eyes.
I knew he was my worst enemy.
He wanted to hurt me,
He wanted to beat me.
I couldn’t let that happen,
I couldn’t let him destroy my spirit.
The air was like ice,
The wind was like needles stabbing my face.
As I watched him reach down,
As I watched him retrieve his weapon,
I had a sense of fear.
I braced for the hit,
The ball of snow hit me right in the chest,
My face stung,
But I knew the snowball fight had just begun.