"The Time Limit"

Millstadt Consolidated School
St. Clair County, IL

Life’s like a game.
You make some good moves.
You make some bad ones.
All seems to start off well,
just the way you want.
Then everything seems to turn dark.
You begin to wish to be dead.
You go through each day anyway.
You try to hold the tears back.
They still start to flow.
Afterward you think to yourself,
why keep life going.
You think of your family, friends,
all of the lucky things in life.
You try your very best to ignore the bad thoughts,
but people start things and bring back
the tears and all the sad moments.
Suddenly, life seems worthless. You want to end the pain.
The people you love change the mind.
You suck it up and promise not to
let the tears flow again.
Life starts giving you luck.
This seems like the best gift ever.
Soon all goes away.
Confusion hits you like a storm.
You begin to lose friends, get bad grades,
have your home life turned upside down.
Counselors talk to you.
The connection is helping,
but your life is still like a storm.
You deal with the tempest anyway
by hiding your emotions, thinking it’ll help.
With the happy and sad thoughts in mind…
All goes dark…
Your life just…