"Thank You"

St. Paul Catholic School
Madison County, IL

Thank You, Lord, for everything You do.
I love everything out and through, just because it was made by You.
For the trees that give me cool shade,
And the beautiful sight in fall when the leaves’ colors fade.
For the light blue sky,
And all the beautiful butterflies and birds that fly,
For the stars so bright that light the dark and gloomy night.
For the sunrise so amazing every day; I hope it never goes away.
For the deep blue oceans full of tiny fish,
And the valleys, mountains, and plains which I cherish.
For my family and every friend,
And our brave soldiers, who protect and defend.
For all the creatures on this world in which we live,
And for a good life, which to me You give.
Thank You, Lord, for this strong and amazing nation.
Thank You, Lord, for all of creation.