"This Little Song Called Darling"

Antonia Middle School
Jefferson County, MO

There’s this little song called Darling
That brings back lots of thoughts
For every time I hear this song
It haunts and haunts and haunts

This song brings back bad memories
That I’ve tried to just let go
This is why we all have secrets
For we can’t let our sorrow show

This little song called Darling
Always brings me to tears
For when I hear the lyrics
I just want to shut my ears

Self-harm, Anorexia
All these things bring back great pain
These things can tear someone apart
And leave them deep in pain

I can see the hate in people’s eyes
I can sense the sadness
I can tell if you want to stop and cry
Because I have dealt with this madness

You look in the mirror
And don’t like what you see
So you turn around and walk away
Just leave the reflection be

You don’t have a thigh-gap
You don’t have a perfect figure
You don’t have a flat stomach
And you couldn’t possibly be bigger

These things I just described
Can poison one’s mind
This thing is called
Anorexia And it is never kind

You wear bracelets almost every day
That go all the way up your arm
You say it’s only fashion
But I know it’s self-harm

Every night after school
You go home and cry
Your dad doesn’t like you
You can see it in his eyes

Your mom is always insulting you
And putting you down
She tells you you’re not good enough
So you always wear a frown

All these thoughts spin through your head
You don’t know what else to do
So you slide your blade against your wrist
Then down go your sleeves; no one has a clue

All these things I just described
Can drive someone insane
Especially when the thoughts won’t leave
And they’re stuck inside your brain

Someone out there cares about you
Don’t let them tell you otherwise
You may think it’s silly
But you’re an angel in disguise

This little song called Darling
Is about all of these things
So please stop hating yourself
It’s not time to grow your wings