"Creativity at its Finest"

St. Joseph Catholic School
Saint Louis County, MO

A picture can be magical, messy, or neat,
Beautiful as it is, never incomplete.
Creative minds, as they are, always make them right,
Drawings can be anything, whatever brings you light.
Everything in the universe, whatever you can draw,
Frightening or soothing, imagination has no law.
Go deep into your mind, to find the juicy things,
Higher up, into the clouds, until your brain “dings.”
Imagining your deepest thoughts, joys, or even fears,
Jumping right onto the paper, for everyone’s eyes and ears.
Knowing just what to draw is the first step to this task.
Let your mind be open and free. Take off your blinding mask.
Many things are here to see, just open up your eyes.
Nothing is impossible. Pick up your pencil and try.
Orcas swimming in the sea,
Parrots in the sky,
Quiet places under trees,
Rabbits hopping by.
Study life as best you can, and draw whatever you find.
Today’s the day to draw, my friend. Search your open mind.
Until you stop creating things, never cease to draw.
Venture out into the wild, and you will come back strong.
When people doubt your true potential, trust me when I say,
Xcuse their lack of understanding, and just create a way.
You can draw whatever you please, it’s really up to you.
Zero people can make you cease. Believe in what you do.