"Keeping Up"

L’Ouverture Middle School 

Looking and learning is what you should be trying to do, 
Learning to see how your mom keeps up with you. 
With all of the yelling and fussing you attempt to do. 
Do you ever think that she gets tired of you? 
She has to hear you fuss about this girl or boy. 
Do you think they ever talk about you? 
What about your parents’ nerves? 
Leave them alone! They don’t bother you! 
Are you keeping up? 

Please don’t let me talk about teenagers. 
They want money every day just to impress. 
And sometimes it’s not the proper way to dress. 
What do you think; money grows on trees? 
I don’t think so. 
You have to think to your parents’ needs. 
Now, are you keeping up yet?