"My Life in My Eyes"

El Camino Real Academy
Santa Fe County, NM

I am different from the others
always perched on the edge of my cover

My ADHD is like a bottomless pit
and it seems I’m always about to fall in it

If I plunge into this hole
this out of sorts feeling takes over my soul

My ADHD is like a cage
I wish I could flip the page

I may be fidgety a lot
but please don’t judge me on the spot

My ADHD is like a mound
I want to try to pound

My soul seems locked up
and no one can help me

My ADHD takes over my mind
and I cannot control it

On the outside I am fidgety
on the inside I have dignity

My ADHD is like a parasite
always hurting whenever it bites

I know there are others like me
and we all just want to be happy.