All Saints Catholic School
St. Charles, MO

It is always there.
It has served us, our community,
        and especially our country.
It has always been there.

From the icy waters of Valley Forge,
        to the bloody swamps of Vietnam.
From the ruined fields of Shiloh, Tennessee,
        to the dry deserts of Pakistan.
It was there in both World Wars
        and it is even on the moon.

Our flag,
a symbol of freedom,
stood strong through hardships of the Depression and 9/11.
It also stood proudly in the fall of the Berlin Wall
and when Blacks, Whites, and women all became equal.

Our flag, with...
...Red stripes, representing the valor
and bloodshed of American men and women
lost in war for this country.
...White, representing the purity of American spirit and heart.
...Blue, representing the vigilance from sea to shining sea
of the great country of America.
...thirteen stripes for the thirteen original colonies.
...fifty stars for the fifty states.
Uniting all of us as patriots.

Our flag was there.
It is there.
It will be there.
Forever vigilant.

God bless America.