"Love & Wonder"

Stevens Center for Academic Development
City of St. Louis, MO

Have you ever wondered why the world is not bright why the darkness of day overpowers the light? Have you ever wondered why love
is easy to say but hard to do,
if you look deep inside

yourself you’ll find it’s true? Have you ever wondered how you can love so much now,

yet fall out of love a short time later?
Have you ever wondered why
we are judged by the way we look,
when true judgment is by what’s in our heart?
If I was ever 1,000 miles away
you would still be in my heart.
Not even a hurricane can tear us apart.
We should be together like the stars above cause God put us together to be deeply in love. You have to look in the right
direction cause sometimes it’s
hard to see your own reflection.
We need to give more because
there’s such a great need to receive.
In spite of hatred we must spread love.
So hold your head up high to keep our legacy alive. Have faith all the way that I am here to stay. You are special to me in every way.
I think about you day by day.
You are on my mind all the time.
Love can have a haunting past
that forever lasts, lasts and lasts.