“I Get Lonely, Too”

Confluence Academy Old North

We have learned to live distances away, but it’s painful to say,
I could never find the word to verbalize the phrase, I love you…
For this time, I hope you know and understand that
I get lonely, too…
I remember us together as a family, but I don’t know you.
I didn’t know if you cared, and on top of being scared,
 just know that
I get lonely, too…
As I come to realize and fantasize about what it would’ve been like
to have you near, the fear I’m left with is one of abandonment. 
I get lonely too…
The more you lie to me, the more I agree, and I’m forced to see
through glass eyes, and internalize the fact that you could care less,
And at this point, my sentiment remains the same,
I’m eating away my hunger pains, but I pray the rain clears away
the stained streaks on my blushed cheeks, the tears left behind. 
I get lonely, too…