Too Late for Love”

Grand Center Arts Academy
City of St. Louis, Missouri

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t see why
Why I always get caught and lost in your eyes

Your hair is luscious as it glistens in the sun
The moment I saw you I knew you were the one

Your voice is like a melody I hear at the show
That is why I care for you, why I love you so

Your walk, your talk, the way you say my name
That is why I love you, why I am to blame

I tell you that I like you to hide the way I feel
But I can’t hold it in anymore, my love for you is real

I ask you lots of questions to see just who you love
But I see it isn’t me, so my love flies like a dove

I gather up my courage and ask you if I can
Be your one and only, but you’re taken by another man