Grand Center Arts Academy

When you're backed into a corner, you ask yourself what to do.
But there isn't any point in running away like Scooby-Doo.
You have to fight the good fight and persevere through the trouble,
That's why you have to embrace your struggle.
Life is like a cobra; it spits its venom in your veins
And it fills your insides with overwhelming pain.
There are others around you to help and assist,
So you can win the battle with your deft skills and wits.
I have also been through some tough times in my past,
But now I understand those situations as clear as glass.
‘Cause when I look out the window, all that I see
Is a bunch of fools living according to the principles of evil obediently.
I don't want to catch that fatal infection
To live a life of crime and oppression.
And I don't have a problem ‘cause I made a decision
To live a life of constant precision.
Perseverance can morph our appearance.
Our pearl-bright faces represent our confidence.
That confidence is a feeling we should value more than treasure.
We should hold onto it
Like the most precious of children this world has to offer.
Perseverance is just like your best friend;
It will embrace and comfort you and will always have a hand to lend.
Perseverance is the stitches to your dreadful wounds
So that when you fall down you can recover real soon.
Perseverance is great and is also blessed
It will lead to sweet tasting success.
‘Cause perseverance is the seed to the victory tree,
When it sprouts, you will be able to taste that sweet victory.
Perseverance will give you the power and charge
Like an Energizer battery so you can live real large.
When this message becomes crystal clear,
You will always remember to persevere!