"The Little Black Cat"

Hazelwood Southeast Middle School
St. Louis County, MO

I look out from a tree
waiting to run from those
who despise me. 

I wonder if
somewhere out there
I am accepted. 

Hate is on every corner.
People say I am
the black cat who
comes to take away all the blessings and joy. 

I wish to have friends
I long to have peace,
but I’m just considered
the bad luck beast. 

I know of only
loneliness and sorrow,
for others leave me
never bidding a good ‘morrow. 

But I will not be broken.
My meows will be spoken. 

So I face the world
with a friendly grin
hoping all of the hate will end. 

Then others ask
“Little black cat,
how do you still smile?”
“Because,” I reply,
“I’ve been here awhile.”