“Flight of Life”

Namaste Charter School
Cook County, Illinois

No matter how many times
you sit in an airplane
and feel it take off
it always seems to go faster than you remember
the dipping wings never seem to lose their thrill
even if this is your millionth time as a passenger

You may be an expert
at jumping off a diving board
or going down a water slide
but you scream every time
your feet leave solid ground

I don't care
how many times you've ridden this rollercoaster
with your hands in the air
you'll get scared every time you get to the top
and look down

Every time you bleed
your heart skips a beat
no matter how big the cut

You pretend
nothing hurts
nothing shuts you down
but life’s turbulent times
will give you fear that
will throw you into a stranger’s world

Life is a series
of unanticipated events
that will make your nerves reach new heights

Please remember
you may be in the air now
but tomorrow you’ll be on the ground