St. Gabriel the Archangel

Fast as a Harrier, and low as my knee,
I see the shape in the distance,
What could this be?
I first hear the purr, from a mile away,
I’m awestruck and thinking,
What could I say?
The ground starts shaking,
I’m starting to get scared,
The headlights in the distance, 
Nor circled, nor squared,
I can’t make it out,
It’s merely a blur,
All I can make out,
Is the sound of its purrrr.
It zooms right past me,
At breakneck speed,
So light, yet so powerful,
What is this noble steed?
What it is, I can’t tell,
For my eyes are starting to peel,
Who is that daring driver sitting behind the wheel?
I think and I watch,
As it drifts on a turn.
As tension is rising, gas starts to burn.
The race almost done, and it’s in the lead,
It’s done it, it’s won!
And the tires start to bleed.
I see it, finally,
The car is red as flame,
Everybody cheers and shouts the winning car’s name.

Fast as light,
And quick like Houdini

I feast my eyes on the beast,
The Lamborghini