"Mother Nature"

Langston Middle School
St. Louis City, MO

I am the air that you breathe
I am the trees that you need
I am the grass, the beautiful color of green
I am the lava of a volcano that erupts
That has a hard shell of a crust
Things so interesting to discover that you must
I am me, I am free, I am the key for all to see
Something that makes your skin dry, I am the beam of a laser
I am Mother Nature
It is you who needs me, and not me who needs you
The paper that you need, I provide
I have the most speed; the speed is faster than fast
I make and I am the lightning in the sky
Where the birds of nature fly sky high
I am, I am, I am
I am me, I am free, I am the key for all to see
I am Mother Nature
I am the hurricanes you are experiencing or have experienced
I am the tornadoes you may fear
I am the earthquakes that rumble the earth
I am the storm that becomes severe
Because I am again, again I am Mother Nature.