"Why Do I Want To?"

Busch Middle School of Character
St. Louis City, MO

You hurt me, you truly did.
      Why are you in my mind?
            I’m so confused.
How could you come out against me?
      You’ve turned my world upside down.
            Yet I still stand.
Why are you in my mind?

That is the question.
      Do I believe what they say?
            That you are popular?
That I want to be you?
      Should I turn like the rest?
            No, no, no. I shall stay who I am no matter what.
Everyone wants to belong.

I have not yet reached the breaking point.
      There are just so many questions that I must ask.
            Why, no matter what I do ... Do you ignore me?
Everyone wants to belong.

Why? Why does everyone want to belong?
      Are we just trying to be remembered, even accepted?
            “Live” while we’re young?
Or is it just because nobody wants to be ignored?

You act as if I am not here.
      Is it just because I am speaking the truth?
            Trust me this is no threat, but just think for a moment.
Everyone wants to belong,
      and no one can take that freedom away.
            The freedom to wish, I am a soldier and always will be.

That’s why I want to.