Ortiz Middle School
Santa Fe County, NM

I saw a dead flower, in the street the other day
Its withered petals showing wear and tear
Yet its beauty was still very real to me
A beauty that no other could compare

I tried to imagine what it looked like long ago
With elegance and grace it must have stood
I wish its beauty was known to all
To watch its glorious petals flow

The flower stands before me, bending to the ground
I think back to the time it bent toward the sky
Filling me with sadness, as I remember, it will no longer grow

Wishing that its radiance would eternally exist
To stay by my side, and fill me with happiness and warmth

I remember the flower laying before me
Petals and leaves withering, in all directions
It will be forever in my memory, as I also age and wilt

In many years, I start to wither
I remember the flower by the street
And I think, now we may truly be together