"Nobody Knows"

Lee Middle and High School
Berkshire County, MA

Nobody knows who I am.
When the doors are closed.
When I am in a room by myself,
I pretend to be someone I want to be.

When I am listening to music,
I see myself on stage
In front of thousands upon thousands of fans.
But nobody knows that.

When I am looking at quotes,
I see those quotes as tattoos.
I see myself covered in tattoos.
But nobody knows that.

I see myself as a lot of things.
A singer/songwriter.
A fighter.
A tattoo artist.

But nobody knows that.

I am someone who overthinks everything.
And I have no idea what to do.
To stop it.
Or what to do about it.

I am afraid to be me because I don’t know.
I don’t know if people will look or think of me differently.
I don’t know if people will like me anymore.
I don’t know if they will think that I am crazy.

But that’s what I am.
A crazy, antisocial, ratchet, dark person.
That is the person that I am and the person that nobody knows.