Never Again”

Sacred Heart School
St. Louis County, Missouri

Never again shall such horrible events happen
through which I have lived and died
like a small weak ship on a raging sea
with no hope in sight.

Never again will Jews be persecuted
for their religion and their faith
like wild animals and dirt
being treated as though they were nothing.

Never again will people be as evil as the Nazis,
full of hate, power, and darkness
without a single feeling of sorrow
for those who they have destroyed.

Never again will I be tortured
with death of family and friends,
for the times I have endured
are worse than death itself.

Never again shall the Holocaust take place
with its horror and terror,
without love and hope,
without any good at all.

The Holocaust tortured,
and murdered.

Never again will this mass killing occur,
will millions of lives be lost,
will love, faith, and hope disappear.

Never again.