"Gone Forever"

First Baptist Christian Academy
Lincoln, MO

The clock ticks faster.
Days became hours.
In only minutes,
He’s leaving today.

He’s like my brother,
So bright and happy.
Sweet, young visitor,
He’s leaving today.

My heart beats fiercely,
Louder and faster.
It never ceases,
He’s leaving today.

My head keeps spinning.
I can’t stay focused.
My ears are ringing.
He’s leaving today.

What else can I do?
I’m watching him leave.
He’s gone forever.
Not one final word.

One month has vanished.
Dima had to leave.
Back home to Russia,
He’s not ours to keep.

He left with no tears.
No sorrow.
No doubt.
Not a word of thanks.
He’s gone forever!