“A Chip Off the Old Block

Christian Outreach School
Jefferson County, Missouri

One afternoon I stared up at the clouds,
And my soul lifted away.
I soon dozed, it was pitch black,
But in a flash it turned from night to day.

I saw a place as pretty as could be:
Streams clear as glass,
Breeze light and soft,
Sun big and bright.

In a meadow a mare gave birth to a small black colt,
Quite timid and very shy.
As he grew, on his side something began to molt.
This horse was not just any horse, for he was destined to fly.

When he was young, he was small and very weak;
All made fun of him except his mother, of course.
Now he was full grown, fast, strong, and sleek,
He was to be protector of all.

He used his wings and found out he could fly,
And he made a vow to protect every horse, even if it meant he had to die.