Timothy's Whopper

St. Louis Priory School
St. Louis County, Missouri

Timothy Thomas Tanner the Third
Would not say a truthful word.
He told lies about mashed-up tails
He told lies about polka-dot quails.
He told stories about bright green flies
And also about sad, sad goodbyes.
He could tell a fib to anyone’s face
He’s beaten Pinocchio in a nose-growing race.
He told lies about tumbling trees
He told lies about babbling bees.
Eventually some folks found out
And then decided to seek ol’ Timothy out.
When they found him he called out in fright,
Alright, alright, I’ll cleanse my ways. I won’t tell another lie for the rest of my days!”
But the people he had lied to were still mad.
So mad it made all the rest sad.
But they all knew that his actions were bad.
He was chased to the town square and taken away by his own dad.
So ladies and gentlemen, never forget:
Never be like untruthful Timothy.
It’s a mistake you’ll always regret.