Sharon Center School
Litchfield County, Connecticut

There are knives in this world.
Some are dull,
But some have sharp, jagged edges
That stab at your feelings.
These knives can take the place of––
Your parents, your sister,
Your friends, anyone.

The marks these knives leave
Are invisible to the eye.
But they’re there.
You can try to hide them,
But eventually,
Someone will see through.

See that girl? You know her.
The mean one? But you don't actually know her.
You don't know what happens when she gets off the bus.
It could be terrible. It could be amazing.

Or that boy. Everyone knows that boy.
The one who's just starving for attention?
And acts like he doesn't care, because he cares too much?

Or is it you?
Is something awful happening to you?

Well, that's no excuse to be somebody's knife.
It's also not an excuse to let people be your knife.
And no matter what you believe,
Everyone is smart enough to figure out the difference.

Because trust me, there's a huge difference.