"The Better Place"

San Miguel Academy
Orange County, NY

Getting rushed through the doors
racing over the antiseptic floors
they are saying that I’m all right
Can’t see anything but the ceiling light
I went to sleep but not for long
as I felt something had gone wrong

My eyes opened then closed
as I rested there and dozed
When I woke up I saw a light
a gate and a man to the right
He looked tall and had a big beard
smiled at me and then disappeared

I heard a voice and I had a scare
He said, “Tell the sins you wish to share”
I considered, conceded and confided
hoping I wouldn’t be chided
The voice was happy and called me nice
Then gates opened and I was in Paradise!
I stepped in and all was quiet and mellow
got a halo and it was bright yellow
saw my mom, dad and big brother Fred
I just remembered, weren’t they dead?!
The man with the beard said he was Jesus
He said I did well and called me a genius

So, what happened to me was a disaster
but I got to live happily ever after