"My Wait is Over"

Franklin Middle School
Champaign County, IL 

I used to sit up at night waiting
waiting for you to call
Just saying those three words that you never said
I love you
Making me believe that you’ll stay
but when I wake up you’re gone like the dust 

Trust is just a word and you
played me
like I was some type of fool
You know what, that’s cool
You’re still the washed-up has-been of a father
Don’t even bother to say I’m sorry
You’ll still wake up
and visit the day I get my check
then say you’ll pay me back in a sec 

You know what, you’re just a mess
I’ll give you a test
give you enough stress
so you can take responsibility and have dignity
to be a man 

I’ll be proud to call you my dad
so you’ll be proud to be taking care of the eggs in your nest
not acting like a pest
we all want to go away
So just be a good man and say you’ll stay
at the end of the day
My wait is over