"You Will Never Know"

St. Roch School
St. Louis City, MO

They think she isn’t sorry
for the things in the past she’s done.
Or that she doesn’t care
about the damage that has come.
But she hurts, she cries, and hides it
under a carefree grin
While inside a child is crying from within.
I am this girl I speak of
and it hurts me to say,
what has happened to me since my birth
and to this current day.
You’ve seen it in the movies
or on the TV screen.
But what you’ve witnessed from your seats
are real experiences to me.
They hurt, they hit, they scowl,
and fail to realize
that though the marks do fade,
the pain remains,
and I am left a broken child.
Sometimes I wake up crying,
or go to bed afraid,
But my horror follows me morning ‘til night,
and all through my days.
Now you know my story,
and how my life does go.
Still, you say you understand,
but you will never know.