"Believing, The Hardest Thing To Do..."

St. Vincent de Paul School
Warren County, MO

Believing, the hardest thing to do...
Deep down in my heart, in my soul, in my mind and body,
I know it is not real,
But I choose to believe.
All those books that I read,
Those fairy tales, enchanted castles, brave heroes,
great adventures, dangerous beasts, and wonders of all kinds.
I know they aren’t real, but I choose to believe,
Even though I see with my eyes, smell with my nose,
taste with my tongue, hear with my ears, and feel with my skin.
Deep down I know they aren’t real, but on the crust of my skin
I still wish and believe they are real. I always will believe.
It’s blended in my heart all the way to my soul.
I choose to believe.