"My Prayer"

Antonia Middle School
Jefferson County, Missouri

Every day I sit here and pray
for all of this to go away.
When I say, “Hey, bully, can you please stop?”
I feel like I’m talking to myself.
It’s like everything I say he can’t even hear.
That’s why I drown myself in tears.

When I ask what I did wrong,
he punches me, pushes me,
and pins me to the ground.
I can’t hear another sound over my sobbing,
because the pain hurts so immensely.
It leaves me so wounded.

I cry myself to sleep and dream
of how I wish life could be, because it’s not easy.
I tell myself I’m a mistake.
I was put on earth,
but don’t know if I am worth it.
I get called fat, ugly, and all of these names.
The bullies don’t even care that they have hurt my feelings.

Sometimes I just feel like a piece of trash people kick around.
They leave wounds in my heart that can never be bandaged.
I wish I had someone by my side
who could tell me everything they say is just lies.

Each time I look in the mirror,
I believe every word I was called.
I pray for all bullies to go away
And take their words of hate with them.