"Beast From The East"

Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School
St. Louis County, MO

Kobe Bryant takes the 3-point shot,
and his opponent knows he doesn’t miss a lot.

Born in a wasteland of a town,
he always dreamed of having a golden crown.

He grew up watching the best of the best,
like Magic Johnson who played for the West.

Now that dream has become real,
all his childhood haters realize he’s the real deal.

His dad was his biggest inspiration,
now he can send him on vacation.

He is from Pennsylvania in the East,
even Michael Jordan can agree that he is a beast.

People say he doesn’t pass the ball,
he can even steal when the opponents are trying to stall.

He’s not a point guard,
but in the paint he goes hard.

His classic shot called the fadeaway, he gets better at it every day.

He got into a brawl with Vince Carter, before he was close to being a starter.

After the battle, no one can call him a coward,
and the same thing with his fighting teammate Dwight Howard.

He also got another teammate, Steve Nash,
whenever Steve shoots a 3-pointer he makes it splash.

In Los Angles he plays for the Lakers and makes big bucks,
he is fancy and elegant when he wears his new tux.

Now that he is older he is not as fast as a raccoon being chased by a dog,
since he’s not as fast as he used to be, you’ll sometimes see him jog.

I know that sooner or later that day will come,
and when it does I will be very glum.

I adored him when he was in beast mode,
When he retires my heart will explode.