Immaculate Conception School – Dardenne
St. Charles County, MO

Hanging out with friends in the school cafeteria,
We waited with calm but anxious and excited hearts
For the upcoming two week break.
The very next day, the fun began when I was reunited with an old friend.
With excited and cheerful spirits,
We skated and swam at the Rec Plex.

Monday quickly came around the corner.
It was the night of my dance recital.
Practicing on the stage created some distressed, embarrassed, and frustrated emotions.
This was because it was not the greatest routine,
And my favorite teacher was going to be sitting in the audience.

Luckily my hope for Christmas lightened my spirit.
Feelings of jubilance, love, and passion filled the air.
While enjoying the smiling faces of my family,
We opened presents and
Attended Christmas Mass.

The joy didn’t end there.
Welcoming, loving, and cheerful relatives
Greeted me at the door for the Christmas celebration.
Just seeing the three college student cousins
Made me happy inside.

I knew the break was eventually going to end.
To the school’s surprise
Came two extra snow days!
The Wednesday back was tense and uneasy
As we tried to get into our school routine.
But when I put that aside,
It was great being back with my friends.